February 26, 2017

“For the past several weeks God has been giving me dreams about the month of June.  In one of my dreams, I am looking at a calendar of the month of June and in the squares at the beginning of the week is the number 8. The number 8 is new beginnings in the Bible.

On Saturday morning, God gave me a dream about what I feel is about to happen.

I am standing under a tall tree looking up. The leaves are green and I can hear children laughing in the tree, but I can’t see them as the leaves are so full that they are covered by them.  As I am looking up the trunk, I see very large pumpkins wrapped around the trunk going up the tree.  A large pumpkin falls off the tree and lands on my left side. I notice the vine wrapped around the trunk.

Next, I was in the house where I grew up in and inside was fully restored and beautiful.  I noticed piles of very large apples and peaches. (I hear the Holy Spirit say,  “These never go bad.”)  In the one room was a magnificent tree.  The leaves were brilliant orangish-red and the apples and peaches were being harvested from this one tree.  In my dream I had to go to work for a lady named June, but realized I didn’t have to because my house was filled with abundance.

Next,  I was looking at my iPhone and I was observing a pastor of a very small church.  He had his arms in the air praising and worshipping God.  He stepped on the stage and sat in a small motorized car.  Something that a five-year-old child could drive.  He had his arms raised and was still praising God.  I heard God say to him, “You are leaving this place. I am promoting you.”  The pastor responded, “No Lord, I am so happy with what you have given me here, with my little church, that I do not want to leave.”  Again, I heard God speak, “I am promoting you.”  Then the pastor, still praising God, started shouting, “Change is coming! Change is coming!”

Again, I was looking into another little church, packed to the brim with people.  People were in the balcony hanging onto every word that the pastor was saying, eager to get into the church, but there was no room in the church.

When I woke up from those dreams I heard the Holy Spirit say there is going to be an abundance of rain and promotion coming for his children.  Like the pastor, we may be satisfied with what we have, but God wants to promote us. Those who have been living with pittance will no longer have to go without. I believe the harvest is coming into what appears to be June like the ripe pumpkins in the summer tree.”
February 27, 2017:
“There is a response coming from the church.  It’s the sound of breakthrough.  The sound of shackles coming off.  It’s the sound of bondage leaving.  It’s the sound of heavenly freedom.  It’s the body seeing mourning turn to dancing.  It’s the body coming to dance with the joyful again.  It’s a time to dance and not a time to be still.  The Lord is moving the body, especially for ECOG right now.  It’s not time to stop.  No time to slow down.  No time to pace over old ground, but to embrace the releasing of new movement and new sound.”