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Since early 2012, Geoff Thiessen has served as the Senior Pastor at the Estevan Church of God.  He is a respected and gifted leader. His calling is to train, equip and see people discover who they are, and to live their lives to the fullest. 
He is an avid student of the Word, passionate about the Kingdom and has a deep hunger to see people encounter God. Geoff has served 11 years with the Canadian Armed Forces and retired in 2008 as a Military Police Officer. He currently serves as Chaplin to The Estevan City Police Service, as well as holds a position with The Western Canada Church of  God Regional Council. Both He and his wife, Helen are active members of the Community. They Have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren
Geoff and Helen are very honoured to serve the Church and  their Community.
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 Since coming to ECOG, we’ve experienced and seen the church grow and develop into a strong community that deeply values the Presence of God.  Whether you are a first time visitor, or make this your home, you will see and experience that God is real and passionate about you. We dream BIG, believe what seems impossible, and witness God showing up and transforming lives everyday.
             Following Jesus is an exciting adventure!  Whether you grew up in church or are new to the whole ‘faith’ experience, you will not be the same!  So, come on the journey with us. Experience God, watch what He can do, discover the miraculous and be forever impacted.”
Pastor Geoff Thiessen
Senior Pastor 
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What We Believe:
       – Every person is valuable.
      – Every person deserves to experience the life transforming power of Jesus.
     – Every person has a place to belong and the right to experience God’s love, forgiveness and grace.
     – Every person can encounter the person of Holy Spirit and see the reality of His power at work in and
        around their life.
     – Every person can experience hope and enjoy the process of growing in relationship with Jesus and
       developing into the very people He has created them to be.
     – Every person has the right not to be judged, but accepted and appreciated for who they are.
     – Every person is created for relationship, and be given the opportunity to be loved unconditionally and
       shown Jesus is the answer for life.
      – Every person is uniquely created by God with gifts, abilities and areas they’re passionate about. We
        purpose to make room for them to serve within the scope of our churches vision, beliefs and values.
Purpose \ Values:
      – Provide a healthy environment for everyone to Experience God and serve in the
         different areas people are passionate about
      – Purpose in building relationships with people, not looking at what they do, but
        seeing them the way God sees who they are.
      – Prioritize the importance of demonstrating the heart of God so that those we
        meet can personally experience the tangible reality of the presence of Jesus Christ and His
        Word coming alive in their life and everyday experiences.
       – Produce the Jesus kind of life by serving and investing in the people around us –
         so that our faith becomes more than a theology, but a transformed reality that
         people not only see but because of what they witness, they are changed by it
       – Pray by speaking God’s word of life over the people we meet or situations we’re
         in, expressing His promises and heaven’s reality to manifest her on the earth,
         exercising faith in Jesus’ unlimited power by using words that bring hope, life
         and forgiveness.
        – Practice the things Jesus practiced through the ability of Holy Spirit – healing the sick, working
         of miracles, brining hope and perspective by helping those in need, bringing freedom from every
         kind of addiction and circumstance.
        – Passionate about Jesus and being real to the people around us, using our gifts and contributing
         not only our time and abilities, but also our financial resources to see our vision becomes reality.
         it’s our honour to serve our community with passion and excellence; it starts with us and
         overflows into whatever we do around us.