Vision :
 To see Our city , community and people around us experience the tangible presence of God through the way we love, serve and communicate the message  of Jesus.
– Provide a healthy environment for everyone to experience God and to serve in the different areas people are passionate about.
– Purpose in building relationships with people with people, not looking at what they do, but seeing them the way God sees who they are. 
– Prioritize the importance of demonstrating the heart of God so that those we meet can experience the tangible reality of the presence of Jesus Christ and His word coming alive in their life and everyday experience. 
– Practice the things Jesus practiced through the ability of the Holy Spirit,
healing the sick, working of miracles, bringing freedom from every kind of addiction and circumstance. 
– Participate in church and community events. Volunteer and contribute to Our community. Our faith in Jesus is reproducible and designed to transform the human heart. 
– Passionate about Jesus and being real to the people around us. Using our gifts and contributing our time and abilities, but also our financial resources to see our vision come to reality. It’s our honour to serve our community with passion and excellence; it starts with us and overflows into everything we do. 
– Every person is valuable.
– Every person deserves to experience the life transforming power of Jesus. 
– Every person has a place to belong
and the right to experience God’s love, forgiveness and grace.
– Every Person can encounter hope and enjoy the process of growing in relationship with Jesus and developing into the very person He has created them to be.  
– Every person has the right not be judged, but accepted and appreciated for who they are. 
-Every person needs relationship, and to be given the opportunity to be loved.
– Every person is uniquely created by  God with gifts and abilities. We nurture those gifts and purpose to showcase them within our churches vision, beliefs and values.